Photos by Christine Wise, American Folk Art Museum.

On May, 9th 2017 at the American Folk Art Museum (New York City) screening of Doktoress Karola and the invisible mirror , followed by a play based on an interview conducted by Philippe Ungar with Jacqueline Porret-Forel about mental illness and art. The play is performed onstage by 2 actors:Tia Link (as Jacqueline Porret-Forel) and Kelly Miller (as the interviewer). Jacqueline Porret Forel was a country doctor outside Lausanne (Switzerland). Her encounter with Aloïse Corbaz interned at the La Rosière asylum changed the course of her life. In 1953, Doktoress Karola (as Aloïse called her) made her patient the subject of her doctoral dissertation. Since retiring, she has decrypted the artist's work as one peers into a looking glass... Jacqueline Porret Forel became one of the Outsider art's major figures and a leading expert on Aloïse Corbaz, writing several books on her and producing with Céline Muzelle the catalogue raisonné of Aloïse's work.

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Interviews by Philippe Ungar / Photos by  Franck Bohbot  (Some of them are not the final draft)

A series of portraits of indie booksellers in New York (Photograph + interviews) to better understand their stories, their visions of their job and  their involvement in their community as booksellers. Especially in New York city, books provide bridges between people. They help to share culture, conversations, human relationships and so much more...

To be published in book form

Articles about We Are New York Indie Booksellers in China Newsweek. (August 2017)

My Modern Met (May 2018)  The Seattle Review of Books (May 2018) The Guardian (June 2018) Les Inrocks (Juin 2018) Der Spiegel (November 2018)




Interviews by Philippe Ungar / Photos by Franck Bohbot

In New York, maybe more than anywhere else, the vast majority of actors have to deal with their acting careers and their daily jobs to support themselves. Originally, it was Franck Bohbot's project to photograph them, then he asked Philippe Ungar to interview them in order to better understand the unique relationships they experience between their passion and the reality. They work as waiters, dog-walkers, delivery men, realtors, production assistants, lawyers or even private eyes... and most of the time learn something essential for their own acting. In those portraits, we are exploring the concept that they are all playing a role onstage and outside the stage, because ultimately, they all have to be somebody.

To be published in book form

Here some portraits already published in Le Nouvel Obs  / Cheese / Creators/ Der Spiegel