unlimited creativity

is a podcast about creativity:

Whatever their field, my guests are all creators.

While they talk about their creative process,

they share an inner portrait of themselves

which may resonate.

-Philippe Ungar

Music: Charmeuse de Serpents composed and conducted by Olivier Glissant

with the Brooklyn Orchestra

Luc HARDY, adventurer and entrepreneur, President of Sagax


In 1987, Luc went to Nepal for a month. He tried to climb the Annapurna and WOW! It just blew him away. Then, there was no internet, no communication. Nothing. Just him in the wild nature. That really opened his mind to exploration, trying to understand with scientists, what they can report about what they're seeing. 

Unfortunately, sometimes they can see a plastic bag in a remote island. 

It's time to listen to him talking about his creativity as an expedition leader.

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Nicole TWOHY, food stylist


Why this incredible invasion of food on TV, movies and social networks? I met food stylist Nicole whose job is to prepare food for photography, video and film. She told me that in a time when we're losing a lot of connections between ourselves and the people around us, food remains a constant connector. Obviously, Nicole has a lot of tips and tricks. It sometimes means replacing milk in a cereal bowl with glue. What are the hardest foods to make look pretty? 
It's time to listen to her. 
Spoiler: one of them is hot-dog. 

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Rozhia TABNAK, interior designer and curator


There’s a good reason why we decide to eat out, said Rozhia. And, it’s not just because of the food. That’s why the mood and the sound of a restaurant’s space are so important. It’s about feeling good. What is the creative process behind designing such a place? It’s time to listen to her.

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Kate CHANBA, cartographer and cofounder of ROUTE

Kate Chanba1.JPG

Where are you going today? Whatever your destination, you need a map. It gives you a boundary box for how to place yourself in the world. Kate loves drawing maps because she says, she can place herself in them. I asked her: is mapping a subjective process? She replied, yes and it can be biased. Even in Google Maps. Really? It’s time to listen to her.

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Ariane DAGUIN, CEO and co-founder of D’ARTAGNAN (Union, NJ)


Ariane is well known for introducing the first organic chicken in the US. Yes! It was years before the USDA acknowledged the standard with regulation of the organic label that we know today. Concerned equally with the environment as well as the welfare of the animals, she talks about how she created a network of farmers in order to meet D’Artagnan’s organic specifications and high quality bar.

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Eric MOURLOT, galerist at Galerie MOURLOT (New York)


Eric comes from a great family of printers in Paris since 1852. They used to work with Picasso, Calder, Chagall, Miró and Dubuffet. To name just a few. He became a galerist to participate in his artists’ creative process and to make it available to other people. I asked him: Is it better to know the artist to better know the work? Listen to his answer.

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Pascal BONIFACE, géopolitologue, fondateur de l’IRIS (Paris)


Le monde tourne si vite, comment s’y retrouver ? La créativité du géopolitologue consiste à apercevoir des repères dans les changements que nous vivons à l’échelle planétaire. Expliquer, sans pour autant justifier.

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Nasim ALIKHANI, Chef at Sofreh (Brooklyn)

Nasim  Alikhani at Sofreh.jpg

Everyday chef Nasim Alikhani starts by a ritual: she lights a tiny candle in a meditative mood, to center herself and to thank the universe. Then, she begins to cook at her Persian cuisine restaurant.

“I’m always cooking something in my head.”

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Romuald SCIORA, essayiste et documentariste

SLP Romuald Sciora .jpg

Histoire d’un idéal : la créativité des Nations Unies pour développer la paix dans le monde.

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Vient de paraître : Qui veut la mort de l’ONU? (Eyrolles)

Ismail LUMANOVSKI, Clarinetist

Ismail Lumanovski.jpg

“Whenever I take my clarinet in my hands, I feel different. My contact with it changes my state of mind and my body feels happier.”

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Raphaël PRENAT, Expert auprès des Nations Unies pour le désarmement et la non-prolifération des armes de destruction massive

SLP Raphaël Prenat .JPG

La créativité des diplomates et des stratèges leur permet de sortir des blocages d’une situation ou d’une négociation. Mais comment font-ils ?

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Eugene RUFFOLO, singer, musician and songwriter

Eugene Ruffolo .jpeg

“Finding your true voice is a real journey.”

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BERTRAND FONTAINE, President of SalonCentric (L’Oréal)

SLP Bertrand Fontaine.JPG

“As the leader of the organization,
you have to make sure that everyone
can think out of the box.”

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ROBBY KRAFT, origami artist

Robby Kraft .png

"In origami we have a language around things that involves bases and collections of folds."

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XAVIER FONTANET, ex-Président, directeur-général d’ESSILOR, professeur associé de stratégie à HEC Paris, chroniqueur aux Echos

Xavier Fontanet 2 2 2.jpg

 “C’est le climat de confiance qui rend les gens créatifs.”

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GEORGE GUIDALL, audiobook narrator

George Guidall small.jpg

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Guillaume Parodi.jpg

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Jérôme LONGUÉ, Chef de l’Unité en français à ONU Info (Nations Unies)

Jérôme Longué.JPG

“Le français est avec l’anglais, l’une des deux langues officielles de travail aux Nations Unies.”

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Matthew LEONARD, musician

Matthew Leonard .jpg

HASAN ISAKKUT, multi-instrumentalist and composer

Hasan Isakkut2.jpg

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Suzana Applebaum, creative director at Google

Suzanna Applebaum.JPG

More on Suzana Applebaum

MARK TRAVIS, Associate Director Media Production at New York Philharmonic

Mark TRAVIS-awards2016_01.jpg

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BENOIT CHRISTAL, journaliste, correspondant permanent de TF1 au Moyen-Orient


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KIM THUY, écrivaine

Kim Thuy.jpg

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HERMIONE HOBY, writer and journalist  

Hermione Hoby_select_0000944.jpg

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MICHAEL ESKIN, translator and co-founder of Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc. (New York)

MIchael Eskin.JPG

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CHRISTIANE KARAM, singer and teacher at Berklee College of Music (Boston)

Christiane Karam1.jpg

More on Christiane Karam    Photo by Moana A.

NANCY SNIDER, cello player and Music Program Director at American University (Washington D.C.)

Nancy Snider small.jpg

More on Nancy Snider

ARA DINKJIAN, oud player

Ara Dinkjian .jpg

More on Ara Dinkjian

EMMANUEL ROUX, Commissaire de Police

Emmanuel Roux 2.jpg

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FRANCOIS DE MENIL, architect and art collector

Francois deMenil.jpg

More on  Francois de Menil  More on the MENIL COLLECTION

VALÉRIE ROUSSEAU, curator at the American Folk Art Museum (New York)

Valerie Rousseau1.jpg

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CLAIRE BREUKEL, executive director at YES Contemporary (El Salvador), curator at Bal Harbor Public Art Projects (Florida)

Claire Breukel by Venzer_Hannah.jpg

More on  Claire Breukel (photograph by Hannah Venzer)

NINA STERN, recorder player

SLP Nina stern .jpg

More on Nina Stern   (Photo by Paul Storey)

JEREMY TIANG, translator

Jeremy Tiang ok [photo credit Oliver Rockwell].jpg

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Madeleine Monette  by Simon Jutras.jpg

Plus sur Madeleine Monette     photo : Simon Jutras

JENNY LIN, pianist

Jenny Lin by Liz Linder 2 2.jpg

More on: Jenny Lin 

JESSICA DICKEY, writer and actress

Jessica Dickey.jpg

More on: Jessica Dickey

MAPY, violinist

Mapy portrait by Graig LaBranche.jpg

More on MapyViolinist

JOEL FISCHER, visual artist

Joel Fischer.jpg

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VADIM NESELOVSKYI, composer and teacher at Berklee College of Music (Boston)

Vadim Neselovskyi 2.png

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Charlotte Miller by Jody Christophersen.jpg

photo by Jody Christopherson    Link to FUNDRAISING for her next play "Raising Jo"

AMELIE CHABANNES, visual artist

Amelie Chabannes.jpg

More on Amelie Chabannes


Bill Campbell.jpg

More on Bill Campbell

HILDA SHEN, sculptor

another Hilda - smaller.jpg

More on: Hilda Shen

SCOTT TIXIER, composer & violinist

Scott Tixier.jpg

More on Scott Tixier. Photo by Franck Bohbot

GREGOIRE MARET, harmonica player

Gregoire Maret.jpg

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ROMAIN COLLIN, pianist & composer

SLP Romain Collin.JPG

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Patrick Erouart.jpeg

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Juliana Cerquieira Leite.jpg

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SLP Farai Malianga ok.JPG

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BERNADETTE VILLARD, créatrice de costumes

SLP Bernadette Villars.JPG

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EILEEN BOXER, visual artist & graphic designer

Eileen Boxer.jpg

More on: Eileen Boxer

THEO LICHTENBERGER, monteur cinéma 

Theo Lichtenberger;jpg.jpg

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ALANDRA MARKMAN, street poet

Allan Adre-59-Exp.jpg

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Noam Wiesemberg.jpg

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 ALVISE ORSINI, architecte d'intérieur

Alvise Orsini.png

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SARA LAVNER, drama therapist

Sara Lavner.JPG
Vincent Peraro.jpg

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TIA LINK, actor

Tia Link .jpg

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Kelly Miller .jpg

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CAROL MORGAN, composer

Carol Morgan.jpg

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